The NIST Coverup

The official NIST cover up proves 9/11 was an intelligence operation by the ruling power structure. The initial media black out and subsequent biased reporting proves it is controlled as well.

Censorship is only needed in a society predicated upon deceit, and 9/11 was a lie that still requires censorship and media hit pieces. No different to the tactics of dis-info agents that you will see on internet forums day by day.

Write a paper questioning 9/11, speak publicly about it, lose your teaching job. So don’t ask a relevant professional about it, because they will protect their jobs and family above all else, and nobody can blame them for that.

But we can blame dis-info agents, because they take joy in the slander and insulting of others.

Scientific illiteracy begins with people unable to see the official NIST investigation for what it is, a biased circular argument of no explosives were found, even though no explosives were looked for, that assumed the aircraft is what brought down the towers and provided no physical tests to prove its hypothesis.

The competing theories of 9/11

This is why

Insults Are Easier


The NIST WTC Fallacy

Scientific illiteracy begins with people unable to see the official NIST investigation for what it is, a biased circular argument of no explosives were found, even though no explosives were looked for.

The scientific method was developed to test conclusions through a verifiable and repeatable process of observation, hypothesis, experiment, and analysis.

NIST version of the scientific method was ignore observation, use a predetermined biased hypothesis, rig the experiment by using computer modeling to show what their physical recreation could not, then conclude their biased hypothesis was accurate all along.

Biased science isn’t science, it’s propaganda.

Heres a good breakdown of how insults and ridicule take the place of scientific discourse for people who champion the official lie.

Now scientific illiterates will tell ya they visually inspected it, before it was shipped off to China… Visual inspection is not verifiable, nor is it peer reviewable, nor is it science.

But NIST said they did? What else are they gonna say?

Eyes Wide Shut

Insults Are Easier

Space Tyranny

Questions about Apollo lead to violence?

A few years back Buzz Aldrin punched a person for claiming the moon landings were fake. This leads me to these few points.

Why would Buzz care if some lunatic said something that wasn’t true? I woke up today and went to a restaurant, tomorrow, if some nut job accuses me of hoaxing the breakfast, I’m not going to respond so emotionally unless I was covering up something.

In Buzz”s defense, they reporter did insult him by calling him a liar and a coward, even though it was after calling that reporter a attention seeking opportunist.

Both were wrong, only one was vilified.

Truth is, Apollo astronauts only grant interviews to pro-Apollo journalists, with questions submitted in advance.

Questions about seeing stars from the moons surface, how they protected themselves from Van Allen radiation and deadly cosmic rays are not asked. Why was bright blue light shining through the windows when the spacecraft was supposedly 120,.000 miles from the bright blue light of low earth orbit? You will not hear questions about the LM’s decent engine leaving not one particle of dust on the landing pads. Instead, we get questions like how does it feel to be a hero? Or was the food any good on the trip? The only question that even touches on the inconsistencies of Apollo tend to be ones that ridicule those who dare question anything about a program that accomplished this miracle in the infancy of space flight, that today we nor anyone else can duplicate with proposed plans taking twenty years instead of the seven that Apollo needed.

The first and most famous Astronaut Neil Armstrong never grants interviews, the 2 he has done in 40 years where all tightly controlled.

In a democracy, patriotism is the act of questioning ones government, not blindly obeying it. Today people have been indoctrinated into a false and destructive believe that the opposite is true. Blind obedience allows democratic ideals to be lost and creates government without accountably.

Instead of accountability, we get prisons built to house the discontented. Instead of government conforming to the people’s will, it makes plans to arrest and break the will of those people it is not able to brainwash and intimidate.

You say that can’t happen in a free society? Your exactly right, except we are not a free society. We are slaves chanting brainwashed slogans of our free forefathers who told us our republic would fall when we allowed our economic system to be controlled by outside interests.

The police state affects us everyday, when we drive, fly, pay our excessive unconstitutional income taxes.

You think our speed limits are for our own protection? They are set to achieve the maximum level of profit. The German autobahn has no speed limit, its traffic fatalities compare to ours.

States are removing traffic cameras at intersections because once people are aware, there presence reduces infractions to virtually zero and unprofitable. Proof that safety has nothing to do with traffic agendas.

Police walking up to your car with a gun incites violence. Statistically, police are more likely to be criminals then you are.

The reason people believe propaganda is the people who fund and control government and it’s policies are the same ones who control the schools. The reason Detroit has ciriculem that enhances people’s abilities to work in a auto plant, being different then the ciriculem at a South Florida school which focuses on tourism and agriculture, is the same reason no school properly teaches you the ability to understand and question the actions of the goverment. It’s all on a need to know basis, and citizens generally do not need to know. The ones that do go to Harvard and Yale, and they won’t inform the lower classes, because they enjoy their status of control.

I cover much ground here because my point is we are tightly controlled.

We should be free to question.