The NIST Coverup

The official NIST cover up proves 9/11 was an intelligence operation by the ruling power structure. The initial media black out and subsequent biased reporting proves it is controlled as well.

Censorship is only needed in a society predicated upon deceit, and 9/11 was a lie that still requires censorship and media hit pieces. No different to the tactics of dis-info agents that you will see on internet forums day by day.

Write a paper questioning 9/11, speak publicly about it, lose your teaching job. So don’t ask a relevant professional about it, because they will protect their jobs and family above all else, and nobody can blame them for that.

But we can blame dis-info agents, because they take joy in the slander and insulting of others.

Scientific illiteracy begins with people unable to see the official NIST investigation for what it is, a biased circular argument of no explosives were found, even though no explosives were looked for, that assumed the aircraft is what brought down the towers and provided no physical tests to prove its hypothesis.

The competing theories of 9/11

This is why

Insults Are Easier


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