The NIST WTC Fallacy

Scientific illiteracy begins with people unable to see the official NIST investigation for what it is, a biased circular argument of no explosives were found, even though no explosives were looked for.

The scientific method was developed to test conclusions through a verifiable and repeatable process of observation, hypothesis, experiment, and analysis.

NIST version of the scientific method was ignore observation, use a predetermined biased hypothesis, rig the experiment by using computer modeling to show what their physical recreation could not, then conclude their biased hypothesis was accurate all along.

Biased science isn’t science, it’s propaganda.

Heres a good breakdown of how insults and ridicule take the place of scientific discourse for people who champion the official lie.

Now scientific illiterates will tell ya they visually inspected it, before it was shipped off to China… Visual inspection is not verifiable, nor is it peer reviewable, nor is it science.

But NIST said they did? What else are they gonna say?

Eyes Wide Shut

Insults Are Easier


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